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Marketing Auditing

an analysis of all your marketing to find out where to improve and define what the next steps should be

What does the marketing audit include?

1 Discovery Session (30min)

Where we will collect all the information needed to analyze your marketing and brand’s digital presence.


Identify your main challenges and objectives.


Create an action plan.

You will learn what next steps you can take to improve your marketing to achieve your business goals.

Consulting Session (1h30)

This session is held at the end of the audit and is where we will present the analysis made and indicate the suggestions for improvement and potential ideas to test and validate. Here you get the Action Plan .


Technical SEO Analysis of the Site

Social Media Presence Analysis

Platform Presence Analysis

Depending on your business, we will look at presence on platforms such as Google Business OTAs for tourism and restaurant businesses, directories relevant to your industry, etc.

Verification that Tracking and Analytics Tools are Active and Well Configured

We will check the implementation of the most common tools (such as Meta/Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics) and suggest corrections or improvements. Here we can also identify new tools that would that would be interesting to implement.

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