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Create Content That Sells Using AI

without wasting time, even if you’re just starting to use AI

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What you’ll get at the workshop:

  • Set up AI to be your Sales Assistant
    and learn how to use it to grow your business
  • Create your sales pitch using AI
  • Develop a clear and unique bio for social networks
  • Generates a month’s worth of relevant content ideas in less than an hour
  • PDF with a List of AI Prompts that we will use during the workshop

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Create Content That Sells Using AI

VACANCIES LIMITED TO 10 PEOPLE so that we can ensure that we give attention to each participant.

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Are you ready to unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence and put it to work for your business?

In our work, we have used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help our clients achieve better results, reducing costs and increasing their efficiency and productivity.

We’re going to share with you the methods we use every day to get the most out of AI.

Your business is unique, communicate your difference.

In today’s business marketing world, differentiation is key to capturing attention and building customer loyalty.

With the constant pressure to stand out and the need to consistently produce compelling content, entrepreneurs and marketers face the daily challenge of staying relevant and effective.

The Challenges:

Creating marketing content to promote your business takes time, creativity and resources, and we know it’s not easy running a business and keeping up to date with the latest trends.

Artificial Intelligence (such as ChatGPT) has come to help with these tasks, but despite its great potential, implementing the efficient use of AI remains a challenge for many businesses.

The huge range of AI programs and offers is enormous and makes it difficult to take the first step, and even when you do, the results can leave a lot to be desired – leading to demotivation.


The solution:

Most people learn best by doing, and as an entrepreneur it’s important to save and optimize time.

It was with this in mind that we created this workshop.

A practical session that will give
. It’s not just a how-to course – in this session you’ll get hands-on and create real, effective content for your business.

You’ll be able to use AI as a specialized assistant in your business.

  • Learn how to use and customize AI to specifically suit your business;
  • Create pitches/sales speeches and biographies for social networks with the support of AI;
  • Discover how to generate relevant content ideas quickly and effectively;
  • Receive a guide and a list of AI prompts that you can implement immediately.

VACANCIES LIMITED TO 10 PEOPLE so that we can ensure that we give attention to each participant.

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We’re passionate about what we do. We are dedicated to your success.

António Pinto

António Pinto

Specialist in brand strategy, marketing and branding.

Ana Tomás

Ana Tomás

Marketing specialist, project and client manager.

Trazendo resultados a empreendedores desde 2007

Gazeta das Caldas
Noé Pereira Media
Seven Results

An incredible person, generous and multi-talented. I thoroughly enjoy my conversations with him talking about branding, growth, adding value and beyond. Although we only recently met through Just Creative’s Inner Triangle, it feels like we’ve known each other for ages as we share common values and he’s also helped me out with some technical aspects and tactics to grow my business. Thank you again Antonio!

Maria Matloub
Founder & 🎧 Podcast Host

António is an incredibly talented and generous individual.
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him over the past decade, and he has helped me and my community on many occasions without expecting anything in return.
If you have the opportunity to work with António, you are very fortunate.

Jacob Cass
Brand Designer & Strategist
entrepreneurial mindset

I had a great session with António! He is knowledgeable, organized, and thorough. I felt much clearer on my points of focus, and my goals by the time we ended the session. Most importantly, I felt heard and understood. I would highly recommend his services and am very grateful for his help!

Amalia Sirica
Amalia Sirica
entrepreneurial mindset

The Vanguardly team is very nice to work with.
I love their way of working and they communicate very clear.
Their approach is super as well as the outcome.

Stan Dresselaers
Brand Strategist & Designer
Hey Hey Studio

We are proud to have chosen to work with Vanguardly.
We are lucky to have these extraordinary professionals, always available and attentive to the needs of our company, attentive to details and flexible in their approach, allowing for very personalized work.
We sincerely recommend Vanguardly to anyone looking to capture the market with their brand.

Renato Santos
Executive Director | CEO

I’m thoroughly impressed with Vanguardly. Their strategic approach to funnel implementation was innovative and effective. They provided clear, actionable steps that seamlessly integrated with our agency requirements.

Moin Shaikh
Web Dev Agency Owner
Mystery Person

Estamos orgulhosos por termos escolhido trabalhar com a Vanguardly.
Temos a sorte de ter estes profissionais extraordinários, sempre disponíveis e atentos às necessidades da nossa empresa, atentos aos pormenores e flexíveis na sua abordagem, permitindo um trabalho muito personalizado.
Recomendamos sinceramente a Vanguardly a qualquer pessoa que pretenda conquistar o mercado com a sua marca.


Best company to work with when you need clarity, branding ,marketing and strategy in your business.
I started with them in a moment where I had a good business but no strategy for recurrent revenue. At the same time I wanted to repositioned my brand in an other specific area, still keeping the same voice and audience.
They understood all of my need and proposed to me a tailored made programm for my company.
The hard choice for me was to go from day to day decisions to long terme strategy. But it was needed.
A year after I still feel the impact of this work with them. More and more.
But the best was the feeling of confidence and peace I had/have when I am thinking about my company, my marketing, my branding and my strategy. I stopped feeling overwhelmed with my stress at night and I could start to enjoy more.

I had so many bad experiences with agencies in my business that I am sooo happy I fund them!

Thanks a lot Vanguardly.
I recommend 100%.

Debora Campailla
Coach in Self-aligment & BDSM

Proud member of

entrepreneurial mindset